Anal Lover Aylin Tattoo Gets Her Ass Banged In Hopes Of Wealth

Anal Lover Aylin Tattoo Gets Her Ass Banged In Hopes Of Wealth


Another awesome day for businessmen doing business on the island of Tenerife. This always sunny place in Spain is readily waiting for investors from not only mainland Spain but all over the World. Marco is just a guy from Madrid looking for property to buy. This is when Aylin walks by...At first she is not interested but then she smells money. She looks at his car and well - she is aroused. ""Let me show you some good places to build houses!"" she says. ""I know my way around,"" she adds...Marco obviously eyed her from the minute he saw her. He might fantasize how he will bang her but what he could not imagine is that not only he will but how he will..So when they arrive on the cliff where no one's around, Aylin cuts the bs and gets straight to the point. She starts to suck Marco's dong right there. Of course one thing led to another and they start to fuck like animals in the wilderness.Then at point Marco sneaks his penis into her ass and starts fucking her anally. Oh she loves that! Her moans tells you - ""Please more! FUCK ME MORE!"" and so he does. Frequent ass to mouth action is following this and at the very end he ejaculates right on her ass. Dripping cum will evaporate quickly on the hot stones of Tenerife, but the memories stay forever. Probably the best anal sex he had in a long time!
Length: 39:23
Published: 13 Mar 2023

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