Bosomed Sarah Cute Gets Drilled In Her Round Ass

Bosomed Sarah Cute Gets Drilled In Her Round Ass


Exotic slutty, yet strangely innocent looking Sarah Cute gives us some teasing from the beginning of this scene. Touching herself, and dancing in front of us is just the beginning... Her bosoms are the focus of interest in the first good 10 minutes. Of course we have a chance to admire her perfectly smooth long legs as well. But the main attraction here are the breasts for sure. They look really yummy, you can't wait to see them without anything covering those. But we got to wait a bit for that to happen. First we get a glimpse of her ass. Round, equally juicy looking ass that is for sure just as her tits. That ass gets revealed in it's full vision by removing the covering clothes... Shortly follow the well waited bras! There is no man who does not want to lick those healthy nipples. Oh my, those tits looks just perfect! She starts to masturbate a bit with her fingers. We can take a close look on her pussy, and it looks suprisingly tight and innocent. But you can tell by her face, that Sarah Cute is everything but innocent. There is no way that an ass like that and a pair of breasts like hers remain untouched for long... After being full nude she applies some lubricant oil on her body, starting with the pussy. Shortly follows those cherished tits. That oil is definetely preparation for what is anticipated in the near future - some rought anal sex of course. So she applies some oil right into her asshole and start fingering it. The oil is dripping all over from her body, when our guy Raul enters with an already halfway erected cock visible. No blame on that - I would also be like this really. Raul wastes no time and he continues fingering her ass so he can probably fuck it easier and better later. To make that dick even harder, Sarah starts working on it by sucking it. On her knees she is, and Rauls huge cock goes in and out her mouth quickly. Dripping saliva also adds for lubrication. Now Sarahs body is covered with several different types of bodily and non bodily liquids. Drool from spits, the oily lubricant applied earlier, and also Raul put some of his slobber on her body. Looks like a mess, but a very VERY tempting mess honestly. Sarah Cute seemingly doing very good on the deepthroat front as well, as Raul continously fucks her throat super deep. With the pace of that blowjob, her previously mentioned great looking tits are just jumping up and down all over the place... Then Raul grabs her body in a rush, puts her on the chair and start fucking her straight to the ass! Wow, that dick just slips into that hole, and it goes deep, real deep as well! He stimulates her clit continously, and rapidly. This is rewarded by continous moans and what seems to be at least one small orgasm as well. Nonethles, Raul continue to fuck her asshole quicker and quicker, deeper and deeper. At one point he borderline fisted her pussy the same time - and that girl just capable of handling that drill so well! She then switches position to be in doggy. That is the ultimate pose for the guy to penetrate the ass obviously. However that girl is just a natural talent it seems, as she can take that dick inside her ass, no matter what is the method of insertion. That round ass of hers just keeps looking really good. Juices are coming out from it, now that it is pounded that hard. But the shining of the oil just make the whole scenario looking great. Anyhow, Sarah starts to work with hand and mouth that cock after doggy. She seemingly does not care, that this cock been in her ass deep down just seconds before. She sucked it nicely. Raul quickly continues to fuck that ass, back in doggystyle. He spices things up a bit, because she fingers her ass now with 3 fingers, again almost borderline fisting! Quick hard cut and she is riding that cock with her ass cowgirl style. That is really nice, because this dick goes in that ass now the deepest we seen. And the thing is, Raul has a huge (and thick) cock, and we tought - this ass can not handle more. It can. Our best guess is that Raul could not take it too long staying in that position, and since he did not wanted to explode quick, they switched positions again. Now - missionary, an all time favourite. I don't know how everyone feels about that, but watching that ass pounded, I kinda started to get an appetite to see that pussy fucked as well... Anyhow, dick is in balls-deep, Sarah is moaning, so - business as usual. These legs are super widely spread, facing the ceiling. And with those legs up, we can once again cherish those perfect tits of hers. Raul realizes, that the massage oil applied earlier already worn out, so whilst he is fucking her ass hard, he spreads some of that oil on her pussy and tits. Things are getting messy again! But all the good things come to an end unfortunetely. Sarah starts to milk that dick, what recently fucked her balls deep, until it explodes all over her pretty face. Some even went into her eye. But it is really great, that some also landed on her perfect tits! I would say this is a top notch scene, with a super cute, and able bodied girl. We all fell in love with her perfectly rounded, perky tits. And the honorable mention goes to the greatly shaped ass well. All in all, that ass were just crying to be fucked, and Raul took care of that real good. So looking forward to see her pussy fucked as well, as that part of her body also looks really juicy. A creampie really would be just the icing on the cake...
Length: 46:11
Published: 07 Sep 2022

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