Carolina Sweets Stripper In Her Champagne Room Big Pov Facial She Finishes!


Carolina Sweets has a problem. She keeps getting fired from her job. Same thing...over and over. Fired...fired...FIRED! Why? She's a stripper, and she's a huge slut. Carolina loves pleasing men, and every single time she takes them back to her ""Champagne Room"", one thing leads to another. You know. One second she's grinding and the next she's sucking. Or jerking. Or, if the money's right, fucking. She always gets caught, but Carolina can't control herself. You own the hottest strip joint in town. Carolina's in for the interview. Are you gonna hire her after this? Enjoy my brother!!
Tags: blonde, cumshot, facial, handjob, pov
Models: Carolina Sweets
Length: 17:47
Published: 19 Dec 2020

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