Crisps Are Eyla Moore's Best Friends

Crisps Are Eyla Moore's Best Friends


So we have this hot blondie Eyla Moore with her sweet, innocent underwear posing in the kitchen. She is a tease - and she acts on it. But since we are in the kitchen... what is stored in the kitchen? Yes, you guessed it right, it is food. Let's do some nasty - messy - sticky - smelly - oily food porn, she thinks. And we say - sure, let's! So we provide her with some crisps, and wait for the results. What does she do with some packs of chips? Well, she crushes them with her pretty feet for starters. Then, she also tastes them. Put some to various parts of her body and such. It looks incredibly good on her bushy pubes! Whilst she touches herself, stuffing that now crushed crisp into her pussy, moans starts to come. She enjoys that! Sometimes being a bit kinky is all what it takes to cheer up a girl like she is! Closeup shots of her pussy with chips in and on it makes this scene absolutely remarkable and complete. But obviously what makes it a fully enjoyable food fetish kind of kinky movie is herself - she just looks great and stunning. Great to see that such a beauty is open to nasty kinkiness - it means that at sometime in the future she might be seen in other hardcore materials
Length: 30:12
Published: 17 Oct 2022

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