Episode 9 Tenerife Heat

Episode 9 Tenerife Heat


J.J. a poor but hardworking porn photographer in Hungary has mysteriously inherited a lovely big house in the country. His friends suggest that he turns the place in to a hotel and porn babes will offer the guests ""extra services"". One of the first of these guests, a Russian called ""Yury"" is found savagely experience a bad thing, but a few days later turns up very much alive on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, thousands of miles from J.J.`s home! So with the help of Bono, a detective, J.J. sets off to find this man. Spanish secret police woman, Patricia, is able to tell the guys that ""Yury"" is a Russian scientist on the run from his own country`s secret police after absconding with a nerve gas formula. On Tenerife they track Yury down to a villa in the countryside, but are captured at gunpoint. Later the guys managed to escape their captors and have been reunited with Patricia and her cops. Patricia (Slovakian star, CHLOE LAMOUR - see Episode 6), and Bono (Matt Bird) prepare a stake out of Patricia, (played by busty Czech blonde, FLORANE RUSSELL), the whore girl friend of noted Spanish gangster, Javier Sanchez (played by Spanish sex star, Portro). Sanchez is supposed to have links with the Latin American Underworld including the Sinaloa cartel. Patricia leads the Team to her boyfriend and they watch from a distance as the couple have sex. Patricia/FLORANE is a long-haired scorchingly cute blonde with enhanced D cup tits that just beg to licked and sucked. Our villain, Javier, wastes no time in opening up her pink blouse and worshipping those curvy babies! The FLORANE gets down on her knees in the outdoor sunshine, her ass looking fine in a pair of skintight denim shorts, as she leans forward to suck and lick Javier`s big schlong. She is an expert cocksucker and shows off her best whore`s skills! Then the guy rolls her over on to her back, pulls down those hot pants and gets his tongue into her perfect, shaved, juicy little cunt, licking and slobbering as FLORANE moans with pleasure! She also plays with those wonderful big orbs of hers, squeezing those babies. Its time for Javier to fuck the bitch who is begging for it and so he slips her into missionary position and ploughs her pussy. After a time, with the babe heating up and moaning, he rolls her onto her side for spoons position. We can enjoy the whole length of her knockout body and see that fat cock slamming into her cunt! She begs for anal! What can a guy do but oblige! Javier slips his cock first into her ass in reverse cowgirl position, the slut fully facing camera so that we can enjoy seeing him service her asshole, as she rides that fucking dick up and down in her back door hole. After a time the filthy whore spreads her legs really wide so that its easier for the guy to build up speed and really slam his thick piece of meat up her shitter! The dirty whore, of course, gets off from time to time to taste her own asshole! She turns around to face him, juggling those big tits in his face so that he can suck on her nipples while she slides his well-greased cock back up her asshole again. Enjoying himself, just as you would in his position, he slaps his thick dick deep into her asshole as she craves yet more backdoor action. Stopping only to suck his ass juices off his thick stick, FLORANE moves into a doggy anal - the best position for backdoor - so that the guy can really service her, pounding his thick cock deeper and deeper into her anal cavity. Finally he pulls out to shoot his volcanic hot jism over those big breasts! Policewoman Patricia says that its now time for the Stakeout Team to move in..... next we see Sanchez after the raid. Sanchez it seems may have been a go-between for the Russian with either a dodgy Latin American government or one of the cartels, but its too late. The bird has flown - the Russian has vanished again with his nerve gas formula! Patricia admits that despite being a known gangster she does not have enough hard evidence of wrong-doing to charge Sanchez - and she must let him and his girlfriend go. J.J. then gets news that his home in Hungary has been broken into! He tells Bono that its time he went back home! Patricia suggests before he leaves that the three of them have sex together!
Length: 40:42
Published: 15 Nov 2022

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