Honey Demon And Shalina Devine Getting Their Multiple Orgasms

Honey Demon And Shalina Devine Getting Their Multiple Orgasms


It all comes down to this. These two lesbian hotties in Only3X are finally going one on one as both of them are hungry for each other. These gorgeous lesbians Shalina Devine and Honey Demon are super horny at the start of the video. You can see them wanting a big dick as they are hitching a ride hoping to get one. But it ends up with failure as the drivers they met are too busy for a pussy. That is why these two end up in the nearest hotel to rest and play a bit. This hotel is quite cozy and both of them love it. Much of the surprise these two are both greeted with different sex toys. Probably the hotel owner knows they will love them. Good job! After a long tiring walk, these two decides to make out as Honey Demon removes her top before Shalina Devine. Both are too horny and you can see both of their nipples getting hard indicating they are really in the mood. Honey Demon initiated first as she focuses on Shalina Devine
Length: 40:18
Published: 21 Oct 2022

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