Kittina Looks For Her Morning Prey And Finds Lisa

Kittina Looks For Her Morning Prey And Finds Lisa


Kittina enters the bedroom, just like a predator looking for prey. Lisa is on the bed still resting... But Kittina is not here to wait around and wait for something to happen quietly. She decides to wake Lisa up. Both of them are in lingeries already, so not too much clothes to get rid of anyways. Kittina approaches the bed and with some tender touches gets into action. She almost said ""Hello"" but she did not. No need she realized, as the moment Lisa recognizes her, even though she just got up, she gets in the mood. With her looks she invites Kittina to ""Come - take my body!"". So she does. Kisses on Lisa's lips slowly became kisses on those perfectly shaped boobs. Very quickly the bra is off and the kisses become mutual. Now they passionately kiss each other sitting on the bed. All of a sudden the panty of Lisa is off as well. That gives way to some serious lesbian action here. Intense pussy eat out starts by Kittina. That blondie knows her way around pussies for sure. She gets into that vagina deeply and efficiently. At some point she also uses her fingers to stimulate that clit right above that meaty flappy vag of Lisa. She likes it, she wants more, she gets more. After a lengthy session of pussy licks, during which we could cherish the vision of Kittinas greatly shaped round butt put high up towards the sky with lingerie still on, it was her turn to get some pleasure. She lays on her back on the bed and opens her legs wide to give way to Lisas tongue. Whilst her pussy is significantly smaller (but of course still very very cute) it does not mean that she is not turned on and producing all those juices. That whole ""give pleasure to my lover Lisa"" thing turned her on VISIBLY and HUGELY. Lisa did not hesitate to eat all those excess juices out from her vagina and give kisses to her clit which gave great pleasure to Kittina. In fact she needs to put her lingerie inside her mouth to at least ease the moans coming out from her. Also her nipples are pointing way up in the air which is another sign of arousement. Anyways Kittina wants to enjoy Lisa more. Her partner gets into a doggy position and she eats her out that way. Great vision of the female body that is and it surely is great to enjoy from up close. After a while switching positions and now Kittina's ass is in the center of attention. Long story short, they end up mutually masturbating and kissing both on their backs on the bed and having climax together.. Nicely done Kittina, gave her that wake up call every morning, and you got yourself a partner for life!
Length: 30:58
Published: 25 Oct 2022

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