Milk Bath Pleasures During A Pandemic With Sarah Cute

Milk Bath Pleasures During A Pandemic With Sarah Cute


When there is no one around you, because there is a pandemic going on, what would you do? Sarah Cute might know the answer... She is socially distancing as she should - so even bath time she is alone. Personal protective equipment present but in her own style. You shall not lose your personality during these hard times even! And those ducks look great on her anyways. Stylish sweet lady she is! Since life nowadays a bit boring- she was thinking: ""I should spice things up a bit!"". So she is not just taking a regule shower, but also a milk bath. Just as Cleopatra would have done. She pours those cartons of milks slowly into the tub, enjoying every drip of it... Playing with that white liquid starts your fantasy, right? You are not alone... She also turned on as hell. You can tell she is missing another human beings companion! It was a year already... Too long being alone! She also perfectly uses the power of that showerhead to stimulate her clits and pussy. When she finishes with her self pleasuring, she probably tells herself: ""Well, another day bites the dust. Let's see what tomorrow brings!
Length: 27:54
Published: 27 Oct 2022

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