Tina Blade Sets Off An Alarm And Pisses All Over


When Tina Blade arrives home she has to pee so bad that she can't manage to put in the alarm code correctly and winds up having an accident right in her denim shorts on the front porch. After relieving herself she finally gets the code right but having an accident in public gets her so turned on she immediately takes off her wet shorts and begins playing with her pussy. Shes got big labia that hang down in a mouthwatering way. Seeing her fingers working her pee filled lips will have your mouth watering for a taste. Tina cums in in such a rush to get off that she leaves her red stilettos on as she gapes her pussy open for you to see her light pink vagina tunnel. Like a good girl Tina releases her bladder once again, peeing all over the table that she's been masturbating on.
Length: 17:32
Published: 27 Jan 2017

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