Xanthia Lombardi Is Lost On The Beach

Xanthia Lombardi Is Lost On The Beach


Xanthia totally and absolutely lost on the beach of Tenerife. Thankfully, Marco Bull noticed her and volunteered to help her out. Initially she reached out to her to acknowledge that he thinks she is good looking and offered her an opportunity of modelling. Then it turned out that she was actually lost and had nowhere to go. Win win...Marco escorted her to his photostudio where they almost immediately got to the point and started to make out. Marco literally ate her ass and pussy, no matter that her underwear was still on. But it got off really quick. Mutually. As both became naked quickly, Xanthia started to work on Marco's dick by sucking it deep and hard. But he didn't need too many of those treats. He was hard already and ready for action. She jumps on him quickly, panties still on and uses her undies to treat that cock more. He started to fuck her hard only after eating that pussy out a bit. You know, just to provide some lubrication or something... Not that it needed - this girl was horny as fuck... After banging in various positions - she gets a really messy cumshot on her face. Some even landed in her hair and on her fake round boobies! Xanthia - you are not lost anymore...
Length: 26:22
Published: 21 Nov 2022

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