Xanthia Lombardi Passionate Anal Sex On The Seashore

Xanthia Lombardi Passionate Anal Sex On The Seashore


This lady Xanthia Lombardi just can't stop having sex at the most scenic locations. This time she decided to participate in some heavy duty anal session on the seashore. Marco Bull is her partner in this. They start off by some nice suck up under the sun. It is so underrated how much stuff you can do apart from going to the beach at places like Tenerife these days... see the example of that couple! Anyhow after the blowjob starter, they start some warm up fuck into the pussy before the main act. That lady still has a very inviting warm pussy and juicy tits - especially in broad daylight as you can see. But a man always wants more, right? This is why he goes for the ass after the pussy fuck and some more blowjob. It starts rough but then they warm up well enough. Awesome little ass bangin' session, with a cum-on-ass kind of ending. During the cumshot Xanthia enjoys the view of the ocean while probably dreaming about her next fuck session...
Length: 28:14
Published: 17 Nov 2022

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